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Derma FillerThe eyes are one of the most prominent and expressive features of a person’s face. They are also the most delicate and sensitive external organ of the body. Therefore, people who need facial aesthetic enhancement, particularly around the eyes, should consider treatment only from an expert oculoplastic surgeon specializing in eyelid surgery and other eye procedures.

Some people prefer non-surgical treatment for the eyes because it is a less invasive way to rejuvenate eyelids and remove the tired or old look around the eyes. While surgical treatment continues to be the mainstay of aesthetic improvement for the eyes and face, but not every patient may be ready to accept the longer duration, discomfort, longer recovery, and other typical constraints associated with a surgery.

Botox and facial cosmetic fillers are two of the most effective and widely used non-surgical treatment options for people who are keen to avoid facelift, eyelid surgery, browlift or other surgical procedures. Botox as well as facial filler treatments can be performed on an outpatient basis in the privacy of the office of the oculoplastic surgeon. In many cases, the two treatments are used in combination to achieve more comprehensive results.

Botox or Dysport

Botulinum toxin, which can be provided through Botox or Dysport injections, is among the most popular non-surgical treatments to reduce wrinkles and lines around the forehead and eyes. The treatment has been approved by the FDA for reduction or removal of frown lines on the forehead as well as crow’s feet around the eyes.

Botulinum toxin is injected directly into the overactive muscle that is causing the wrinkle. It blocks the neuro-chemical transmission to the muscle from the brain, which causes the muscle to relax instantly. The loss of contraction results in the overlying skin becoming smoother and less wrinkled. Results of Botox or Dysport treatment can be seen immediately, and full effects are visible in about three to seven days. The patient can enjoy the benefits of Botox for a period of about four months with a single treatment.


Wrinkles and fine lines in various parts of the face can be reduced effectively through facial filler treatment as well. These injectable fillers are designed to enhance facial volume in the targeted area, which causes the skin to become fuller, smoother and younger looking. Static lines on the face are reduced and softened with facial fillers such as Restylane.

A patient can expect to enjoy the outcome of a single filler treatment for anywhere from four months to a year, depending on the choice of filler and other factors. Longer lasting outcomes may also be achieved in some patients who opt for repeated treatments over a period of time under the supervision of a qualified and experienced dermal filler provider.

Dr. Jennifer Hui is an oculoplastic surgeon providing eyelid surgery and other medical and cosmetic procedures to patients in Palm Springs, Palm Desert, and surrounding communities. Dr. Hui also provides proven non-surgical treatments such as Botox and cosmetic fillers, which are safe, effective, and approved by the FDA.

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