Types of Anti-Aging Facial Injections for the Eyes

People lose their good looks due to wrinkles on their face and around the eyes. This can however be fixed with different kinds of surgeries conducted by an experienced oculoplastic surgeon. Eye surgeon Dr Jennifer Hui, a certified doctor with specialization in eyelid surgery and in anti-aging facial injections to treat wrinkles commands huge respect from clients coming from Palm Springs, Palm Desert and neighboring locations. After the treatment the facial muscles do not contract giving you a youthful appearance.

How do they work – Explained by the eye surgeon

The muscles in our face are connected by nerves while neurotransmitters permit the contraction of facial muscles. When an eye surgeon uses anti-wrinkle injections to treat wrinkle lines, the transmission to facial muscles is inhibited. The muscles no longer contract and do not form wrinkles.

There are vertical frown lines that nearly disappear when the muscles relax. However, there are static lines that are more or less permanently present. They do not improve immediately as these lines are nearly permanent. However, any oculoplastic surgeon skilled in the procedure knows how to address the static lines. Techniques like skin resurfacing and dermal filling  over a period of time with several sittings of treatment show promising results.

Just like the treatment of the facial wrinkles, eyelid surgery can help diminish the crows feet lines. Anti-aging or anti-wrinkle treatments can be applied against forehead lines, frowns, and crows feet. In addition, anti-wrinkle injections can give eyebrow lift, reduce or diminish neckbands, address gummy smiles, and not let the mouth pull down. The treatment will make you look younger.

Changes you will notice

An experienced and good eye surgeon can do wonders to make you look younger. The eyelid surgery and the facial surgery together can make you look refreshed and decades younger imparting the natural look. They work by relaxing the muscles that causes wrinkles as a person ages. The difference that an oculoplastic surgeon can make to your looks can be understood by observing before and after pictures.

However, no one should expect miracles to take place with just a shot of injection. There is a difference between a natural looking face and  a frozen face. At an accredited facility with experienced doctors who can work dexterously, you will come out looking fresh and young naturally.

However, there is a limit to the effect caused by anti-wrinkle injection. The duration of the natural looking effect depends on the quantum of dose applied in the procedure. On average, they can last for about four months. However, they don’t last long at the time of the first few injections. To make it last longer, the injection must be regularly administered at the interval of about three to four months.

Wrinkles and crowfeet that are signs of aging can be fixed with the administration of anti-aging facial injections. While eyelid surgery can fix wrinkles around the eyes, administration of anti-aging facial injections can wipe away the wrinkles that are formed due to the use of facial muscles. The overall reward of the treatment is immeasurable for  those who have experienced the fresh youthful look of young age.

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