Revision eyelid lift cosmetic surgery, medically known as revision blepharoplasty, is a procedure that can correct any aberrations that may have occurred during or after a primary eyelid lift procedure.

The surgeon’s goal will be to reduce the signs of aging around the lids and create a more youthful upper face appearance.

The surgeon will undertake this procedure in multiple steps, which can vary slightly depending on the correction necessary in the upper, lower, or both eyelids.

At the time of the pre-op consultation, the surgeon will inform the patient on all facets of the revision eyelid lift procedure and the steps it involves. Upon developing an in-depth understanding of the procedure, the patient will be better positioned to make an enlightened decision.  

Oculoplastic surgeon Dr. Jennifer Hui provides revision eyelid surgery to patients in Palm Springs, Palm Desert, La Quinta, Coachella Valley, Riverside, Redlands, Yucaipa, Loma Linda, and surrounding locations.


Revision eyelid surgery is usually performed using local anesthesia or mild sedation. The sedation will enable the patient to remain comfortable during the procedure. The surgeon may recommend general anesthesia if the revision eyelid surgery is being performed with another procedure or if the patient feels quite nervous and anxious.

A trained anesthesiologist or anesthetic nurse will administer the general anesthesia as well as oversee the entire procedure to monitor the patient’s response to the anesthesia. An experienced and skilled anesthesiologist can detect poor reaction to the anesthetic early on and take measures to reduce the risks.

Revision Eyelid Surgery for the Lower Lids

After the patient is under the effect of anesthesia, the surgeon will make small incisions in strategic locations to make sure that any future scarring remains hidden.

The natural creases in the skin beneath the lower eyelids are suitable for placing tiny and discreet incisions. The surgeon will eliminate excess fat and skin through these incisions and may also tighten loose underlying muscles.

If the region under the lower lids appears depressed, the surgeon may transfer fat or use soft tissue fillers to fill in the hollows. Once the surgery is complete, the surgeon will seal the incisions cautiously with sutures.

Revision Eyelid Surgery for the Upper Lids

The surgeon will place the incisions in the natural creases of the upper lid after the patient has been anesthetized. This minimizes the visible scarring from the procedure.

The surgeon will gently excise any excess skin to address the sagging effect of the upper lids and partial vision obstruction if any. They will also make the underlying weak muscles tighter.

After the drooping skin is excised, the surgeon will lift and reattach the remaining skin to create a more rejuvenated and youthful appearance. The surgeon will close the incisions with sutures after the procedure is complete.

Revision Transconjunctival Blepharoplasty

The surgeon may recommend the patient to undergo a revision transconjunctival blepharoplasty procedure if the skin in the lids does not have enough laxity although excess fatty pockets surround the eyelids. This surgery is less invasive and more appropriate for patients who do not have very prominent under eye bags.

In this revision eyelid surgery procedure, the surgeon makes multiple tiny incisions within the lower eyelid after the anesthesia. They will remove excess fat pockets through these incisions. Skin removal and muscle tightening is not part of this procedure. As the incisions are made within the lids, there will be no external scarring.

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