Any cosmetic surgery procedure involving the eyes should ideally be performed by a fully trained and experienced surgeon with a dedicated focus on eye procedures. Recovery is an important aspect of eye care procedures, and the surgeon will provide detailed instructions for recovery after the procedure is over.

Dr. Jennifer Hui is a leading eye surgeon and a board certified ophthalmologist providing advanced eye care procedures in a state of the art surgical environment. She provides various cosmetic and functional eye surgery procedures to patients in Palm Springs, Palm Desert, La Quinta, Coachella Valley, and surrounding locations.

Recommendations for Speedy Recovery

While the recovery period will vary from one patient to another depending on several factors, most patients can improve their chances of a speedy recovery if they follow certain basic instructions. The activities that the patient performs following the eyelid surgery will primarily determine how fast the recovery takes place.

Reduction in Swelling

The swelling around the eyes will typically increase for the first two to three days. To minimize swelling, the patient should keep the head in an elevated position as far as possible. Mild cold therapy is a fantastic idea, which could include treating with a clean cloth dipped in ice water. Frost bite will not occur with this technique.

Reduction in Bruising

Bruising occurs due to bleeding during surgery as well as any new amounts of small bleeding following the surgery. The high-risk period is the first two days of recovery, and this risk can be minimized by ensuring minimal motion during this period. Eyelids will move each time the patient opens the eyes.

Therefore, the patient may spend a lot of time laying back and relaxing in the first two to three days. Reading or watching TV should be avoided in this period because movement of eyelids and eyeballs can increase bruising.

Dietary Advice

The patient should avoid high salt intake in the first few days of recovery to decrease swelling. Vitamin E enriched foods or supplements and aspirin should be avoided to cut down the risk of post-operative bruising. Time-tested homeopathic medications such as Arnica Montana and Bromelain may help with the resolution of bruising and swelling.

A diet rich in lean proteins will also support a healthier and swifter recovery. However, it is important to consult the surgeon and follow their recommendations for a safe recovery. Leading oculoplastic surgeon Dr. Hui receives patients from Palm Springs, Palm Desert, La Quinta, Coachella Valley, and nearby areas for various eye surgery procedures.

Other Precautions

The patient should strictly avoid smoking for at least two weeks prior to the eyelid surgery and two weeks after the surgery. Smoking can interfere with the blood flow and slow down the recovery process. Blood thinning medications and anti-inflammatories should also be stopped about two weeks before the surgery.

For the first three nights, the patient should sleep with the head raised on a few pillows. Bending and heavy lifting of weights should be avoided for at least one week following the surgery. Mild walking and light activities are recommended after three days, but vigorous exercises should be avoided for about three to four weeks.

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