The condition of drooping upper eyelid is known as Ptosis in medical terms. This disorder of the eye can affect either or both the eyelids. The Eyelid Institute at the Palm Springs refers to this condition as the ‘Saggy eyelid syndrome’. The drooping of the upper eyelid leads to completely cover the pupil, iris and other parts of the eye. A regression in ability to keep the eyes open coupled with eyestrain are some of the main symptoms of the condition. Ptosis affects patients irrespective of the age barriers and has a variety of causes.

Symptoms of a droopy eyelid

The drooping eyelid forms the most prominent symptom of ptosis. Associated symptoms include trouble in shutting or opening the eye or a continuous urge to slant the head for better vision. Allied dysfunctions with ptosis include fatigue of the eyes, skewed eyes, or presence of double vision. The experts in eye care suggest a self-comparison test wherein one compares a decade old photo of self to a recent one to determine any difference in the eyelids. In the presence of any difference it is inferred that one could have probably developed ptosis.

Causes  of saggy eyelids

There are several factors linked with the development of a droopy eyelid. It may be hereditary,  may also be caused due to old age or due to strain or injury caused to the eyelids. Probable causes could be eye tumors, neurological dysfunction, or diseases such as diabetes. Opioids such as morphine, oxycodone, or hydrocodone can also cause ptosis.

Droopy eyelids hinder vision and can result into headaches due to strain on the eyelids. It is very important that the disorder is treated as soon as possible, before it begins to interfere with one’s vision. This is especially important in children whose vision is in developing stage. Ptosis can affect people of all ages, and is not more common in one age group than another.

Treating ptosis with eyelid surgery

Ptosis patients do not require treatment in case of mild symptoms. However, in moderate to severe cases surgery is recommended. Corrective surgery known as blepharoplasty is performed. Depending on the eyelid to be operated the surgery is further classified as upper blepharoplasty and lower blepharoplasty. Dr Jennifer Hui – a distinguished board certified oculoplastic surgeon offers eyelid surgery to patients in Palm Springs, Palm Desert, and surrounding areas.

An oculoplastic surgeon can identify the presence of ptosis and provide a comprehensive  solution to lift the upper eyelids as well as remove underlying ptosis. This procedure is conceptualized to rejuvenate and replenish tired eyes to make them younger-looking.

Dr Hui’s post-operative care comprises of ice packs and cool compresses to minimize the swelling in patients post surgery. Most of the patients experience minimal discomfort, but can resume their daily routine in about a week’s time. Dr. Hui cautions her patients to protect the eyelids from the sun for three months after the operation to achieve best results.


In most cases surgery is the ideal treatment. After your examination, Dr. Hui will give you her recommendations.
  • Total healing may take months, but the most significant bruising/swelling are the first 10 days, peaking around day 4 after surgery.
  • We ask that you refrain from strenuous activities for the first week after surgery.
Yes. Your eyelids will have ointment on them. You will have some blurriness from the ointment and swelling, but your eyes will not be patched.
On the day of surgery, you will need an adult to drive you home and remain with you that evening. After this, you will be to resume most of your normal activities (with the exception of strenuous exercise).
In rare cases, this is a congenital condition. For the majority of people, it occurs more with age, a history of contact lens use, or having prior ocular procedures (the speculum used to keep the eyelids open during the surgery may stretch the muscles, resulting in drooping).

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