Recovery is an important part of the revision eyelid cosmetic surgery procedure. The surgeon will discuss about the recovery process and the estimated recovery time period with the patient during initial consultation. They will also provide detailed recovery instructions, which should be carefully followed by the patient for their own benefit.

Dr. Jennifer Hui is a dedicated oculoplastic surgeon providing revision eyelid surgery and various other procedures. Dr. Hui will closely engage with the patient right from the first consultation through the surgery and recovery. She provides revision eyelid procedure to patients in Palm Springs, Palm Desert, La Quinta, Coachella Valley, Riverside, Redlands, Yucaipa, Loma Linda, and surrounding locations.

Recovery Time Period

The surgeon will perform revision eyelid surgery procedure on an outpatient basis, but in exceptional cases an overnight stay at the hospital may be necessary. The right environment for immediate post-surgical phase will be decided according to the preferences of the surgeon as well as the patient. Downtime of about one week will usually be involved in case of revision eyelid procedures.

The patient can expect to return to their normal routine or go back to work after a week, but complete recovery will take several weeks. Sutures may be removed in about two to five days. The patient should give sufficient rest to the eyes during the early recovery period. Swelling around the incision areas will be pronounced in the first week, but will quickly reduce thereafter.

Full recovery may be delayed or complications may arise if the patient puts extra strain on the eyes due to reading or watching television during the early recovery period. This phase can seem tiresome and irritating, but as the swelling around the eyes resolves, the patient will start noticing a welcome change in their facial appearance.

Experienced eye surgeon Dr. Hui receives patients from Palm Springs, Palm Desert, La Quinta, Coachella Valley, Riverside, Redlands, Yucaipa, Loma Linda, and nearby areas for revision eyelid surgery.

Initial Side Effects

Revision eyelid surgery will have minor side effects such as swelling and redness around the eyes for a temporary period. For a few days, the patient may experience mild soreness, itching and dryness in the incision areas. The eyes may also tear excessively. The surgeon will provide some eye drops and ointment to minimize the discomfort.

Some patients may experience sensitivity to light and a temporary blurred vision. Such side effects will resolve fairly quickly on their own, provided the patient carefully adheres to the post-operative instructions of the surgeon.


In addition to the prescription medications for the eyes, the surgeon may also give some pain medications for a few days to keep the patient comfortable. Cold compresses should be used over the incision areas for the first two to three days to minimize swelling.

Eye drops to prevent dry eyes may also be prescribed by the surgeon. Sun and wind protection is vital in the first few weeks after the surgery. The patient should ideally arrange for someone to assist them with household chores in the first few days after the revision eyelid procedure.

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