Lower eyelid surgery is designed to improve the appearance of under eye bags, wrinkles and fine lines below the lower lid by removing excess skin and fat. To achieve safe and predictable outcomes, it is important for a patient to adequately prepare for lower eyelid procedure.

The surgeon will provide tips and guidelines for preparation at the time of pre-op consultation. A well-prepared patient will typically have more confidence and better resilience to go through the surgery.

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Avoid Smoking and Certain Medications

The surgeon will require the patient to refrain from smoking for a specified time period before and after lower eyelid cosmetic surgery. Nicotine in tobacco smoke disrupts the smooth flow of oxygen in the blood, resulting in an increased surgical risk as well as chances of poor healing.

If the patient has been taking any blood thinning drugs such as aspirin and NSAIDs or certain herbal supplements and oral vitamin E, these may have to be stopped for a few days. The surgeon may also adjust the schedule of any prescription meds in consultation with the prescribing physician.

Practical Arrangements Prior to Surgery

Working people should apply for leave in advance for at least a week to have a safe recovery. Non-working patients should also be prepared that they will be confined to home for at least a week, and may need to postpone any social engagements to a later date. The patient should also arrange for someone responsible to drive them back home after lower blepharoplasty.

If necessary, the patient should also arrange for aftercare for the first few days of recovery. Any pressing tasks at home or office should be completed well in advance in order to have a stress-free post-surgical recovery phase. Some patients prefer to prepare a recovery kit at home, which covers essential items required during the early recovery phase. These may include:

  • Prescription drugs and antibiotics
  • Over the counter pain medications
  • Gauze Bandages
  • Loose fitting clothes with front buttons
  • Extra pillows

A Day before the Surgery

A day before the scheduled lower eyelid procedure, the patient should wash their hair thoroughly to help minimize infection risks. They should refrain from consuming alcohol for at least 48 hours prior to the surgery. They should rest well and sleep early on the night before the surgery.

This is not the time to be running any marathons or taking off some limbs off the tree while climbing 20 feet up carrying a chainsaw. Not any patient wants to do that; no patient probably does not even want to go all out their child’s soccer practice either the evening before the surgery is taking place. Patients have to be smart about this; no patient should want to put any more pressure on themselves than necessary.

The Day of Surgery

The patient should ideally wear loose fitting top with front buttons on the way to the surgery center. The surgeon may start the antibiotic regimen prior to the procedure. The surgery will only take about one to two hours, but the patient will have to spend additional hours in the recovery area for monitoring.

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