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Latisse is the first prescription treatment and the only one till now that has got the approval of the Food and Drug Administration, United States for regrowth of sparse eyelashes. It helps your lashes to grow fuller, longer and darker, which enhances your looks and ignites self-confidence. This procedure is carried out by an oculoplastic surgeon. The patients who have undergone this treatment have experienced increase in the eye lash thickness, length and darkness. This procedure is very common among women and it reduces the various signs of aging. This procedure, however, is not related to eyelid surgery as it is a very complex process and requires the surgical skills of an oculoplastic surgeon.

Cost of Latisse

Latisse is mostly sold in two different sized bottles of five ml and three ml. Its price varies from place to place, but one single kit costs approximately around 120 dollars which includes one bottle and 30 pairs of applicators. You can buy it from the various pharmaceutical shops or you can directly purchase it from the doctors.

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Advantages of applying Latisse

  • It is very easy to apply, unlike other competitive products like mascara and false eyelashes.
  • Latisse provides with a much more permanent solution to mascara and false eye lashes.
  • It is quite safe and although it may make you itch initially, it will subside after some time.

Latisse is a much better option than the other commercial products available in the market as they do not grow or enhance the eyelashes.

How to use the Latisse Solution

Ensure that your face is clean and remove contact lenses if you are wearing them. Put one drop of the Latisse solution on the brush. Apply the solution over your upper eyelid using the brush and get rid of the brush and do not use the same brush to apply the solution again to minimize the potential for contamination from one eye to another. Blot any excess solution spilled beyond the eyelid with a tissue. Do not apply the solution on your lower eyelid as it may cause irritation to the eye.

You have to be very patient, as the results do not come overnight and you have to wait for three to four weeks to notice the changes and you must continue to use it for best results.

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