Like any other cosmetic surgery, lateral canthoplasty will involve a certain recovery period after the procedure. The patient should have a clear idea of what to expect after the surgery, and how to take care for a safe and speedy recovery.

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Initial Care after the Surgery

Following lateral canthoplasty eyelid surgery, the patient will have mild swelling and redness around the incision sites. Excessive tearing may occur in some patients. Some others may have dry eyes, which can be address with a prescription medication. One of the common side effects of lateral canthoplasty is a temporary blurred vision, while some patients may also experience temporary sensitivity to light.

Soreness in the incision sites can be treated with analgesics. The patient should use the prescribed ointment to keep the incisions lubricated in the first two to three days. They should also use cold compresses on the eyes to mitigate swelling.

First Few Weeks

In the first week after lateral canthoplasty, the patient should avoid activities that could cause dry eye, such as watching TV, using a mobile device or computer, reading, or wearing contact lenses. The patient should keep the head in a raised position as far as possible during the first few days of the recovery. This will help improve bruising and swelling. The patient can return to their regular routine in about one week after the surgery.

It is a sagacious idea to use dark sunglasses for the first two to three weeks after lateral canthoplasty. This will provide protection from irritation that may occur with sun and wind exposure. Frequent rest to the eyes is recommended in the first few weeks because the eyes will tire easily.

Any activities that increase the flow of blood to the eyes should be avoided during the first one month of the surgery. These activities may include lifting heavy weights, bending, or even crying. Before resuming a specific exercise regimen, the patient should discuss with the surgeon.

Estimated Period of Recovery

Full recovery from lateral canthoplasty may take a few weeks in most cases. The surgeon will remove the sutures in about two day to a week after the surgery. During the first week, the patient should give plenty of rest to their eyes. The initial swelling and redness will gradually fade away, and no special treatment may be necessary. To expedite the recovery, the patient should ensure that no such exertion is performed which increases the blood flow to the eyes.

Most patients can go back to work in about a week after the surgery. Recovery process may sometimes feel too long for a patient, particularly during the early stage when the face appears bruised and swollen. However, as days go by, the patient will start noticing a welcome change in appearance of the eyes.

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