Dr. Jennifer Hui is a reputed oculoplastic surgeon, who is board certified by the American Board of Ophthalmology. She provides a range of surgical procedures around the eye area. Facial surgery around the eyes is a highly sensitive procedure because it involves eyes, which are the most delicate external organ of the body.

An experienced and qualified oculoplastic surgeon such as Dr. Hui is ideally placed to perform such procedures. Patients in Palm Springs, Palm Desert or nearby areas, who are looking for eyelid surgery or other facial surgeries surrounding the eye area, may seek a consultation with Dr. Hui.

Choosing the Right Surgeon

Every surgeon who performs facial surgery around the eyes may not necessarily be an oculoplastic surgeon. Many patients are unaware about who an oculoplastic surgeon is, and what may be the need to choose this surgeon for procedures involving the eyes. Nerves and muscles around the eyes are very delicate and the surgeon must have the professional training and expertise to achieve desirable and safe outcomes in such areas.

An oculoplastic surgeon will have completed three years of residency training in Ophthalmology, following a further two years of fellowship training in Oculoplastics or Ophthalmic Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. These trained experts have a clear understanding of the intricate eyelid anatomy and the complexities of the surgery in this area. They also understand the relationship between eyelid anatomy and the ocular function and facial expression.

Surgery for Upper Eyelids

If the eyelids appear puffy due to the weakened eyelid muscles and stretched eyelid tissue, the condition can be corrected with an eyelid blepharoplasty procedure performed on an outpatient basis. This eyelid surgery procedure will restore a younger looking and more rested appearance to the eyes. If ptosis is present along with the loose skin around upper eyelids, this condition can also be corrected at the time of the upper eyelid surgery.

Surgery for Lower Eyelids

With age, the muscles around the eyelids can weaken and the eyelid tissue can stretch to become loose. Eyelids will appear puffy and tired, and the skin around the eyelids can feel like crepe paper. This condition can be improved with lower eyelid surgery. The procedure involves placement of tiny incisions on either inside the eyelid or over the skin to remove the excess skin. Dr. Hui performs this surgery for her patients in Palm Springs, Palm Desert, and surrounding areas.

Surgery for Orbital Fractures

Orbital bones around the eye provide protection of the globe. In the event of a facial injury, these bones can become fractured. If the trauma is significant, other surrounding facial bones may also get broken. If the surgeon determines that a surgery is warranted, it may be performed about two weeks after the injury to allow for interim resolution of bruising and swelling.

Treatment for Thyroid Eye Disease

The eye socket may become enlarged due to inflammation of the eye muscles, resulting from a thyroid-related disorder. Various medical therapies may be performed, but if they fail to reduce muscle swelling, the surgeon may perform an orbital decompression procedure to create more space around the eyes. The eyelid position may be further improved surgically to reduce dryness and to enhance its appearance.

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