Eyelid anatomy includes key structures such as the eyelid skin, subcutaneous tissue, sub muscular areolar tissue, and the orbicularis oculi muscle. Upper and lower eyelids may be viewed as analogous structures, and the primary difference between them is only in the lid retractor arrangement. Droopiness in upper or lower eyelids may prompt an individual to consider cosmetic surgery of the eyelids.

Ptosis is a condition of the severe drooping of upper eyelid, which can occur when the eyelid margin falls from its natural position due to aging or the effect of gravitation forces. Dr. Jennifer Hui is a leading oculoplastic surgeon providing facial cosmetic surgery for the eyes to patients in Palm Springs, Palm Desert, and surrounding communities.

Who can benefit from Eyelid Surgery?

Patients with one or more of the following conditions will usually benefit from cosmetic eyelid surgery:

  • Presence of eye bags or bulges underneath the lower eyelids.

  • Presence of excessive skin folds over the eyes.

  • Appearance of dark shadows around the eyes.

  • Baggy or droopy eyelids.

  • Partial vision hindrance due to presence of excess tissue.

Upper and Lower Blepharoplasty

An experienced eye surgeon will recommend upper or lower blepharoplasty to enhance the aesthetic appearance of eyelids. Some patients may need only removal of excess skin, while others may also need tightening of underlying muscles if they are loose. Dr. Hui will carefully evaluate a patient’s condition and their personal aesthetic needs before recommending the appropriate procedure. She receives patients from Palm Springs, Palm Desert, and nearby locations for blepharoplasty.

Upper Blepharoplasty

Upper eyelid surgery or eye lift is designed to elevate the position of upper eyelid marginally. This approach is adopted when the excessive loose skin may be causing the upper lid to sag due to heaviness. The incision in this surgery will be concealed in the natural crease of the upper eyelid, and will extend a little beyond the outside corner into other existing creases.

Through the incision, the surgeon will excise the loose skin and fatty tissue to reduce the puffiness in the upper eyelids. The incisions will be closed with very fine sutures.

Lower Blepharoplasty

The surgeon may decide to perform lower eyelid surgery through the inside of the lower eyelid. This technique is known as transconjunctival technique, which leaves no scar on the outside of the eyelid. Excess skin will be removed through the incision, and excess fat may redistributed for even contours. Additional problems such as muscle laxity may be corrected through the incision.

In some cases, the surgeon may decide to adopt laser technique along with traditional surgery to tighten the lower eyelid skin, and make the eyes appear more youthful and refreshed.

Removal of Eyelid Ptosis

Ptosis will cause the sagging of the upper eyelid, resulting in interference with the field of vision due to falling lid. The patient will have a reduced ability to keep the eyes fully open, and suffer from strain and fatigue in the eyes due to an extra effort to keep the eyelids raised. An oculoplastic surgeon may perform ptosis repair to achieve eyelid rejuvenation.

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