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Face is the most prominent and visible part of the body and it usually defines the aesthetic appeal of an individual. Therefore, many people are more concerned about maintaining their facial appearance and aesthetics than other areas of the body. Signs of aging on the face or any anomalies in the facial features are usually more conspicuous and it can be difficult to hide them. Facial plastic surgery procedures are the most effective way to address these problems.

Dr. Jennifer Hui is an experienced oculoplastic surgeon providing eyelid surgery and various other surgical procedures of the face. Dr. Hui will carefully determine the best possible treatment options for an individual patient and recommend a customized approach tailored to meet their unique aesthetic goals. In addition to being an eye surgeon, she is also well-versed in other facial plastic surgery procedures. Patients in Palm Springs, Palm Desert and nearby areas have an opportunity to receive treatments at Dr. Hui’s state of the art practice.


Facelift is a comprehensive plastic surgery procedure aimed at reducing the wrinkles and lines from the face, and restoring a more youthful facial appearance. A facelift typically involves surgical removal of excess fat tissue and skin or redistribution of fat, and tightening of underlying weak facial muscles.

The goal is to make the face appear firmer, smoother, and well-proportioned. A facelift surgery is generally performed in conjunction with a neck lift in order to maintain aesthetic harmony. In some cases, a facelift may be performed together with other surgical procedures of the upper face for more comprehensive outcomes.

Eyelid Surgery

Eyelid surgery or blepharoplasty may be performed for the upper eyelid, lower eyelid, or both. The procedure is designed to surgically remove excess fat and skin around the eyelid, and restore a rested and rejuvenated appearance of the eyes. Eyelid surgery may sometimes be performed together with brow lift or forehead lift for more effective results.

As these procedures involve the eyes, which are a delicate organ, it is important to have these procedures performed only by an eye surgeon of repute. Dr. Hui is a qualified oculoplastic surgeon providing eyelid surgery and other procedures to patients in Palm Springs, Palm Desert and surrounding communities.

Rhinoplasty and Otoplasty

Rhinoplasty is plastic surgery of the nose, while otoplasty refers to plastic surgery of the ear. Rhinoplasty procedure can help improve the shape or size of the nose in proportion to the rest of the facial features. The procedure is intricate and should be performed only by an experienced plastic surgeon. Otoplasty may be performed to make the size and shape of the ears more proportionate and attractive.

Cheek and Chin Augmentation

Cheek and chin augmentation surgeries may involve surgical placement of implants to enhance their appearance in proportion to the rest of the face. Facial fat transfer technique may also be used effectively to achieve the desired results in a less invasive manner. In certain cases, chin reduction surgery may be required, if it is wider than desired. An experienced facial plastic surgeon can recommend the right treatment approach for a patient looking for aesthetic improvements of the face.

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