Lower blepharoplasty is a relatively less invasive cosmetic surgery procedure, but it will involve a certain period of recovery. The patient should have a clear idea of what to expect during the recovery and the estimated time it may require for the patient to resume normal activities. The surgeon will discuss all about the recovery process and how to care for the eyes during the recovery.

Dr. Jennifer Hui is an experienced oculoplastic surgeon providing lower eyelid lift surgery and various other cosmetic and reconstructive procedures. Dr. Hui provides lower eyelid lift to patients in Palm Springs, Palm Desert, La Quinta, Coachella Valley, Riverside, Redlands, Yucaipa, Loma Linda, and other parts of this region.


In the first few days following lower eyelid surgery, the patient will experience mild swelling and redness around the incision sites. The eyes may tear excessively during this time. If some dryness occurs in the eye area, it may be treated with an ointment prescribed by the surgeon.

Temporary blurring of vision may occur as a result of using the ointment, and even otherwise, general temporary blurred vision may occur in some patients. The eyes may be more sensitive to light in the initial days of recovery.


Complete recovery from lower eyelid lift surgery will usually take several weeks. The eye surgeon will remove the stitches within two days to a week. The patient should give plenty of rest to the eyes in the first week. Swelling and redness in the incision areas will gradually begin to fade. Reading and television viewing should be avoided in the early phase of recovery.

Any exertion to the eyes may increase blood flow, which can interfere with the healing. In about a week to 10 days, most patients can return to their regular activities at home or go back to work. Recovery process can seem to be long and distressing, particularly in the early phase when the face appears bruised and swollen.

But within a few weeks, most patients will see significant improvement in their eye appearance. The eyes will look more youthful and alert, reminding the patient why they chose to receive this surgery in the first place. Dr. Hui receives patients from Palm Springs, Palm Desert, La Quinta, Coachella Valley, Riverside, Redlands, Yucaipa, Loma Linda, and nearby areas for lower eyelid surgery.


In the first two to three days following the surgery, the incision sites can be kept lubricated with ointment. Swelling can be reduced with the use of cold compresses at this time. To prevent dry eyes, the surgeon may prescribe some eye drops. Wearing contact lenses, using computer, watching TV and reading should be avoided in the first week.

In the first few days of recovery, the head should be kept in an elevated position as far as possible. This will help to minimize bruising and swelling. For the first two weeks after the surgery, the patient should wear dark sunglasses to protect the eyes against the sun and wind.


Total healing may take months, but the most significant bruising/swelling are the first 10 days, peaking around day 4 after surgery.
We ask that you refrain from strenuous activities for the first week after surgery.
Yes. Your eyelids will have ointment on them. You will have some blurriness from the ointment and swelling, but your eyes will not be patched. In some cases, a temporary stitch may be placed on the outer corner of your lids to reduce movement and maintain proper alignment during the first week of healing.
On the day of surgery, you will need an adult to drive you home and remain with you that evening. After this, you will be resume most of your normal activities (with the exception of strenuous exercise).
In most cases we ask that you refrain from eye makeup and contact lens use during the first critical month of healing.

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