Pre-operative consultation is an important segment in the overall lower eyelid cosmetic surgery procedure. A detailed consultation will lay the foundation for a successful surgery.

The patient should be prepared to proactively engage with the surgeon, provide accurate feedback, and help the surgeon create an appropriate lower eyelid lift surgical plan.

Dr. Jennifer Hui is a fantastic and dedicated oculoplastic surgeon providing lower eyelid surgery and various other cutting edge cosmetic procedures to patients in Palm Springs, Palm Desert, La Quinta, Coachella Valley, Riverside, Redlands, Yucaipa, Loma Linda, and other cities and neighborhoods in this part of The Golden State.

Candidacy and Patient Education

During the pre-op consultation for lower eyelid lift, one of the first concerns of the surgeon will be to educate the patient about all aspects of the procedure, and help them make an informed decision. To start with, the surgeon will evaluate the overall eye anatomy, droopiness in the lower eyelids, and specific aesthetic issues of the patient to determine their candidacy for lower eyelid surgery.

The surgeon will explain the appropriate lower blepharoplasty technique that may be applied in their case. They will also apprise the patient of the potential risks and limitations, and the expected costs of the procedure. The surgeon will address the patient’s doubts and concerns at this stage, and help them attain complete clarity about the procedure.

Health Evaluation

At the time of initial consultation, the surgeon will examine the patient’s general health condition and review their past medical records. They will also assess the extent of skin laxity around the lower eyelids and look for potential eye infections or other concerns that may require medical attention.

The patient will be required to provide information about the current prescription and non-prescription medications they may be taking, and about any previous eye procedures.

A few lab tests or eye diagnostic tests may be ordered in some cases, or the surgeon may require medical clearance from the physician. Accomplished and majestic eye surgeon Dr. Hui receives patients from Palm Springs, Palm Desert, La Quinta, Coachella Valley, Riverside, Redlands, Yucaipa, Loma Linda, and other suburbs and towns in this part of the southwest for lower eyelid surgery.

Pre- and Post-Op Instructions

At the time of initial consultation, the surgeon will provide a few instructions for pre- and post-operative care. They will advise the patient to stop smoking for a few weeks before the lower eyelid lift procedure. If the patient is using blood thinners, vitamin E or certain herbal supplements, these may have to be stopped for a few days. The schedule of prescription drugs may be adjusted in consultation with the physician.

Developing Realistic Expectations

Many surgeons like to present lower eyelid surgery before and after photos of previous patients during the initial consultation. This helps ensure that the patient has a clear idea of what the procedure can or cannot do for them, and they can make a better decision.

On the patient’s request, the surgeon may also provide the patient with testimonials of past patients who have undergone lower eyelid surgery. They may also be encouraged to take a brief office tour during their first visit to the surgeon’s office. The point is to make you feel at home since building rapport makes people feel more relaxed. The surgeon wants this visit to be cordial and comfortable. The surgeon and the staff want all patients to feel at ease and to understand what they do and so on.

Creating serenity is the something Dr. Hui and her staff want to aim for.

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