Lower eyelid lift is a delicate cosmetic surgery procedure because it involves the eyes. Therefore, it is important to carefully determine candidacy before recommending this surgery to a patient. A dedicated surgeon will evaluate the patient’s eye anatomy as well as their personal cosmetic goals and needs to determine candidacy.

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A suitable candidate for lower eyelid surgery will be someone who is in good general health, and is unhappy with the appearance of cosmetic signs of aging such as wrinkles, fine lines and creases around the lower eyelids as well as dark circles and under eye bags.

The surgeon will review the previous medical records of the patient to assess whether they have any underlying medical or eye condition that may increase the risk of complications during surgery or at the time of post-op recovery. Patients with certain types of ophthalmic conditions may be required to first receive treatment for the condition before they may be considered as candidates for lower eyelid surgery.

Patient’s Goals

Most candidates want to choose lower eyelid surgery for cosmetic reasons in order to have a rejuvenated upper facial appearance. They may sometimes combine lower and upper eyelid lift along with other procedures such as brow lift to create more harmonious outcomes. Women and men with droopy lower eyelids, puffiness under the eyes and excessive skin or wrinkles around the eyes will usually make good candidates.

Folds or creases under the lower eyelids as well as bags under the eyes can be effectively corrected with lower eyelid surgery. Some patients may also want to remove dark circles under the eyes and crow’s feet around the eyes. However, these issues may only be partially improved with lower eyelid surgery alone. The surgeon will objectively assess the candidate’s personal cosmetic goals before recommending lower eyelid surgery.

Eyelid Characteristics

The following characteristics will be considered for candidacy:

Tired Appearance of the Eyes

Eyes can appear old or tired due to the emergence of wrinkles, fine lines and saggy skin around the lower eyelids. These conditions can be corrected with lower blepharoplasty.

Under Eye Bags

Puffiness under the eyes or under eye bags can be mitigated with lower eyelid surgery. Candidates can achieve a youthful and smooth look of the eyelids.

Droopy Skin in the Lower Lids

Loose skin in the lower eyelids can give a tired look to the eyes because of the unsightly folds and wrinkles. Partial vision obstruction may also occur. These conditions can be improved with lower eyelid surgery.

Lower eyelid surgery candidates will usually be above the age of 30, but those suffering from droopy eyelids due to genetic factors may require the surgery earlier.

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