Dr. Jennifer Hui is dedicated oculoplastic surgeon with a board certification from the American Board of Ophthalmology. She completed her Ophthalmology residency and Ophthalmic Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery/Orbital Oncology fellowship at the Bascom Palmer Eye Institute in Miami, FL. Dr. Hui also served as an Assistant Professor of Ophthalmology at the Bascom Palmer Eye Institute for three years in the Oculoplastics department.

She was inducted as a Fellow of the American College of Surgeons in 2012. Patients in Palm Springs, Palm Desert and nearby areas have an opportunity to receive corrective and cosmetic eyelid surgery procedures from Dr. Hui.

Eyelid Surgery Overview

The cost of an eyelid surgery will primarily depend on the nature and type of surgery required for a particular patient. Each patient may have different eyelid conditions requiring a customized treatment approach. Patients who are looking for cosmetic enhancement of eyelids may also require different treatment approaches depending on their condition and their unique aesthetic goals.

Common eyelid procedures that will entail different costs will include the following:

Upper Eyelid Surgery

Upper eyelids may tend to droop due to excess loose skin in the upper eyelid area along with the presence of ptosis. This condition may make the patient’s eyes appear partially closed even when the eyes are fully awake. An oculoplastic surgeon will evaluate whether the condition is just cosmetic in nature due to aging or other factor, or there is a presence of underlying ptosis.

If this condition is not addressed during blepharoplasty, the eyes may continue to appear “tired” even after the surgery. The cost of surgery may vary depending on the extent of ptosis and the type of surgery required.

Lower Eyelid Surgery

The eyelid tissue may become stretched with age and the muscles may get weaker. This condition can cause the lower eyelids to appear puffy and tired. The skin around the lower eyelids may feel like crepe paper. Dr. Hui may recommend lower eyelid surgery in such a condition to her patients in Palm Springs, Palm Desert, and surrounding communities.

A thorough evaluation of the condition from an oculoplastic surgeon will help determine the appropriate treatment approach to make the eyes regain their youthful and rested look. The cost may vary depending on the length and complexity of the treatment approach.

Eyelid Malposition

Entropion and ectropion are two common conditions of eyelid malpositioning, which can be corrected with surgery. The conditions may occur due to tissue and muscle laxity with age or as fallout of a previous eyelid or facial surgery. Entropion condition involves the turning of eyelid margin inwards, while the ectropion condition involves turning of the lower eyelid margin and lashes outwards. These conditions can usually be treated as an outpatient procedure. The cost may differ from that of a simple blepharoplasty procedure, depending on the extent of correction required.

Eyelid Surgery Repair

The cost of eyelid surgery may also depend on the underlying cause of the problem, which may require complicated or highly specialized treatment. Skin cancer may affect the eyelid, which may have to be removed by a dermatologist with expertise in Mohs technique. Following the removal of the tumor, the patient may have to receive eyelid reconstruction or repair surgery in order to restore the functionality and aesthetics of the eye in the best possible manner.

Insurance and Financing

When a procedure is performed by a qualified and experienced oculoplastic surgeon, the cost may be higher compared to when the same procedure is performed by a non-board certified cosmetic surgeon or another less experienced surgeon. However, eyes are the most delicate external organ of the body, and best possible care is always recommended. The American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) advises patients to choose an appropriately qualified and experienced surgeon for treatment, and not go merely by the surgeon’s fee or other costs involved.

The quality and skills of the support staff, the technology and equipment available at the surgical facility, and the comforts and services provided at the facility may also impact the overall cost of eyelid surgery. One of the key things about eyelid surgery is that unlike many other plastic surgery procedures, it may not be a cosmetic enhancement procedure alone. If the eyelid condition is considered to be sufficiently severe, it may be covered under the patient’s health insurance plan.

Dr. Hui may perform a brief evaluation at her office for patients in Palm Springs, Palm Desert and nearby areas to determine the possibility of insurance coverage. The evaluation may include an examination, visual field testing, and photography. In cases where insurance coverage may not be available, the patients may consider the option of financing through a medical care financing company. The cosmetic surgeon’s may be able to assist patients in this regard.

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