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Eye-ProblemsWhen the eye gets injured, the resulting damage can distort the muscles that control the shape and size of the pupil. These muscles maintain the pupil’s round shape and control its ability to change in size. Similarly, an injury that causes an eyeball puncture may tear the iris (the colored portion) of the eye. This will also cause the pupil to lose its shape.

Pupils may also react differently to light if the eye is injured. If you experience a change in the shape or size of your pupil following an eye injury, you should consult with a qualified eye surgeon.

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Pupils could get affected by some of these conditions:


This occurs when the size of one pupil is bigger than the other. Nearly 20 percent of the population may have this condition. In absence of any other symptoms, you may want to compare your current pupil size with some older photographs of yourself to understand the change. In rare cases, this could be a sign of a more serious problem if anisocoria suddenly appears and for no apparent reason.


This condition occurs when a part of your eye fails to form the natural way prior to birth. In the iris, a coloboma may result in the pupil becoming abnormally long, sometimes giving it the shape of a keyhole.


In this serious condition, one pupil may dilate. It usually occurs because of the pressure on one of the nerves that control your movement of the eye. If you also suffer from double vision and a headache, this may indicate aneurysm (a weak site in a blood vessel wall). If the aneurysm grows, it can rupture and leak blood into the space enveloping your brain.


The pituitary gland controls various other glands, which produce hormones. Your pupil may appear bigger if a tumor occurs in this gland.


Your pupil will shrink if this condition occurs. This problem may exist by birth, but in many cases it occurs when something affects the nerves surrounding your eyes.


In this condition, one pupil becomes bigger than normal and reacts slow to light. It may be difficult to determine the cause, but it can happen due to lack of blood flow or may result from an injury.


The size of the pupils may sometimes differ or the pupils may become larger following a head injury. If the size of pupils changes after a head injury, you should see a doctor immediately.


Swelling and irritation around your pupil may occur in this condition. In absence of treatment, this can result in the development of scar tissue. Consequently, the shape of the pupil can become irregular.

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