What will Help Your Droopy Eyelid?

Droopy eyelid or ptosis is a condition of the upper eyelid that can make the eyes appear old and tired, and in some cases, may also interfere with the vision. Droopiness may occur in one or both upper eyelids, and is marked by a reduced ability to keep the eyes open, eye strain and eyebrow fatigue. Ptosis may be present along with excess upper eyelid skin. Ptosis repair and upper eyelid lift cosmetic surgery can be carried out together.

Correction of droopy eyelids is a delicate procedure because it involves the eyes. Therefore, the safest way is to choose a qualified oculoplastic surgeon to perform this procedure. Dr. Jennifer Hui is leading oculoplastic surgeon providing upper eyelid surgery and various other eye related procedures to patients in Palm Springs, Palm Desert, La Quinta, Coachella Valley, and surrounding communities.

Puffy Upper Eyelids and Ptosis

Due to aging, sun exposure and other factors, the upper eyelid tissue may become lax and the underlying muscles may weaken. This can cause the upper eyelids to appear puffy, resulting in the person looking tired or angry. This condition can be addressed with an outpatient upper eyelid surgery or blepharoplasty procedure to achieve a younger looking and more restful eye appearance.

Ptosis may be present together with loose upper eyelid skin. Ptosis causes the drooping of the upper eyelids. In this condition, the patient’s eyes may appear partially closed even when they are fully awake and alert. An experienced eye surgeon can determine whether the patient has an underlying ptosis.

The condition of ptosis should be corrected along with upper eyelid lift procedure to achieve an optimal result. If this is not done, the eyelids will continue to show a ‘tired’ look even after blepharoplasty.


The upper eyelid lift procedure will begin with the surgeon making a minor incision along the contour of the eyelid crease. It requires advanced surgical skills and experience to ensure that the incision is marked in the precise crease of the eyelid in order to mask the incision site within the upper eyelid fold. Through the incision, the surgeon will remove excess skin to achieve smooth upper eyelids, and then close the incision with fine sutures.

The surgery can be performed on an outpatient basis. The procedure may be preceded by a brief in-office assessment including examination, visual field test and imaging diagnostics to determine the severity of the upper eyelid condition. If the condition is more severe and the presence of ptosis is confirmed, or the patient is suffering from vision obstruction, the cost of procedure may be fully or partially covered under health insurance.

Dr. Hui is an experienced oculoplastic surgeon who will perform the procedure in a safe and effective manner using cutting edge techniques. Dr. Hui provides surgery for droopy eyelids to patients in Palm Springs, Palm Desert, La Quinta, Coachella Valley, and nearby locations.


Following the surgery, the patient should apply ice packs and cool compresses for the first two or three days to reduce the swelling. Most patients report minimal discomfort and can resume their regular activities in about a week.

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