Drooping eyelid is a condition that may occur due to aging or other factors. Droopy eyelids can make a person appear older, tired, or angry. An eye surgeon can correct this condition effectively to restore a more youthful appearance of the eyes. Dr. Jennifer Hui is an experienced oculoplastic surgeon providing state of the art eyelid surgery procedures to patients in Palm Springs, Palm Desert, and surrounding areas.

What are Droopy Eyelids?

Eyelid skin is smooth in the young age, but with the passage of years, the eyelid tissue can stretch and the muscles can become weak. Aging, sun exposure, genetics, and other factors may be responsible for this condition of sagging eyelids.

The condition can make the eyelids appear puffy, and make an adverse impact on the overall appearance of the face. An expert eye surgeon can perform an eyelid surgery called blepharoplasty or eye lift to improve this condition.

Correction of Ptosis

Along with excess skin of the upper eyelids, there may be a presence of ptosis. Ptosis is a clinical name for the saggy condition of upper eyelids. If the patient’s eyes appear partially closed even when they are fully alert and awake, it may be due to the presence of ptosis. An experienced oculoplastic surgeon can evaluate the condition accurately to determine whether the patient suffers from an underlying ptosis.

Sometimes the patient may undergo an eyelid surgery, but the condition of ptosis may not be addressed. In such a situation, the eyelids will continue to show a tired look even after the surgery. Optimal outcomes in eyelid surgery can be achieved when the surgeon corrects the condition of ptosis during the procedure. Ptosis may affect only one eyelid or both the upper eyelids.

Problems with Ptosis

When the upper eyelid droops due to ptosis, it can cause interference with the upper field of vision. It hampers the patient’s ability to keep the eyes fully open, and it may also cause strain to the eyes. Many patients complain of eyebrow fatigue due to an increased effort to keep the eyelids raised.

Patients in any age group may suffer from ptosis, and various causes may be responsible for this condition. Dr. Hui will evaluate the cause of ptosis in order to determine the treatment plan for her patients in Palm Springs, Palm Desert, and nearby areas.


The condition of sagging eyelids may be corrected with upper lid blepharoplasty. The procedure begins with the surgeon making an incision along the contour of the eyelid crease. It requires high care and precision on the part of the eye surgeon to ensure that the incision is placed in the exact location to mask the incision site within the upper eyelid fold.

Through the incision, the surgeon will remove the excess skin to make the eyelids appear smoother and firmer. The incisions will be closed with fine sutures once the surgery is completed. Following the surgery, most patients will be able to return to their regular routine within a week.

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