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Oculoplastics is a branch of surgery that is concerned with procedures relating to the eye and areas around the eye. These surgical procedures typically look to correct malfunctions of the eye socket, tear ducts, and also look to improve the general aesthetic appearance of the face of the patient. An oculoplastic surgeon is a medical specialist who has been trained not only in Ophthalmic Plastic and Reconstructive surgery but ophthalmology as well. An oculoplastic surgeon has the necessary skills and expertise to perform the most delicate procedures around the eyes.

Dr. Jennifer Hui is an oculoplastic surgeon with a firm commitment towards improving the quality of life that her patients experience. Her experience as an oculoplastic surgeon has merited her a place on the Faculty Board of the world renowned Bascom Palmer Eye Institute located in Miami, Florida. The institute has been consistently rated as a premier eye hospital in the United States by both U.S News and World Report.

As a skilled oculoplastic surgeon, Dr. Hui is qualified to carry out procedures that improve both the functionality of the eye, and areas around it, as well as improve facial appearance. Her education includes two years of fellowship training in the field of Oculoplastic Surgery, along with a strong foundation in Ophthalmic Surgery.

Dr. Hui has recently returned to set up a clinic in her native, Southern California. She takes the time and effort to meet all of her patients individually to assess the degree of their medical conditions, and prescribe appropriate surgeries.

Surgeries performed by Dr. Hui

4 Lid BLEPH and upper lid blepharoplasty

Blepharoplasty is a branch of surgery that is connected with correcting problems and deformities relating to the eyelids. Surgery may be carried out to improve eyelid function as well as make cosmetic improvements. Many blepharoplasty procedures involve the removal of excess tissue and fat around the eye. In many cases, this tissue may also be repositioned instead of removed. Surgery also looks to improve smoothen the muscles that lie underneath the eye, tightening muscles and tissue around the eye, and changing the way in which fat is stored around the eye. The 4 Lid BLEPH procedure is a comprehensive procedure that helps individuals regain full control and functionality of both, upper and lower eyelids.  Dr. Hui also performs specialized blepharoplasty surgery for the upper eye lid alone.

Ptosis repair

Ptosis is generally understood as a condition where the upper eyelid begins to droop and fall downward covering the pupil and limiting the range of vision that an individual experiences. There are a range of different causes for ptosis, but an oculoplastic surgeon will be primarily concerned with determining whether the cause is muscular, or tissue-related. In cases, where tissue has become stretched or weak, surgery may involve removal of excess tissue. For ptosis that is a result of a weak levator muscle, an elastic silicon strand may be inserted to allow improved eyelid control. Individuals will typically experience temporary blurred vision and swelling post surgery. They will also be required to make frequent visits to the doctor for check-ups.

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