best dermal filler Which Derma Filler is Best for Under the Eye?

Wrinkles, hollows, and dark circles may appear under the eyes due to aging and other factors. This can adversely impact the overall facial appearance and make a person look tired or older. Any cosmetic surgery or non-surgical aesthetic treatment around the eyes must be handled with professional care because the eyes are the most delicate external organ in the body.

Dr. Jennifer Hui is an experienced and highly trained oculoplastic surgeon providing a range of surgical and non-surgical aesthetic procedures. Dr. Hui also provides advanced dermal filler treatments for suitable candidates who wish to avoid surgical options. She receives patients from Palm Springs, Palm Desert, and surrounding communities.

Restylane for Tear Trough Region

While the FDA has not approved of any facial fillers for under the eyes, but the safest and most effective off-label treatment option available for patients who are keen to avoid eyelid surgery is Restylane dermal filler. Restylane is the only filler that has an FDA approval for lip enhancement, which is also a highly sensitive area. The key to success in filler treatments lies in how skillfully the surgeon performs the injectable procedure in the targeted areas of the skin.

When Restylane is applied properly in precise quantity under the eye, the results are typically longer lasting as compared to other areas. Off label use of cosmetic fillers simply means that the filler is being used in a particular way or in a particular area of the face that was not included as a part of the FDA clinical trials. An experienced eye surgeon will usually recommend Restylane, or in some cases, Juvederm for treating hollows under the eyes.

Hyaluronic Acid Based Treatment

Dr. Hui will carefully evaluate a patient’s facial anatomy, condition of the eyes, and personal aesthetic goals before recommending the best treatment. Patients in Palm Springs, Palm Desert, and nearby areas have an opportunity to receive treatment from Dr. Hui. She will usually choose hyaluronic acid based injectable fillers such as Restylane or Juvederm because of their high biocompatibility.

Hyaluronic acid is a bio-degradable product that resembles natural skin tissue most closely. Careful injection of the filler gel with either of these dermal fillers at the accurate depths in the skin and within the anatomical safety parameters will typically ensure good results. One of the advantages with these HA based gels that they can be dissolved quite easily in case the patient is dissatisfied with the outcomes.

Expertise for Treating the Tear Trough Area

Tear trough area is considered to be highly sensitive. The skin is very thin in this region, and if any lumping occurs, it will show conspicuously. The area is also quite reactionary and swelling or bruising occurs quickly. Therefore, it is critically important that the treatment provider should have precise knowledge of the eye area anatomy as well as expertise in filler injection techniques.

Some experts suggest that Restylane is better than Juvederm as dermal filler to treat tear troughs and periocular depressions. The safety track record of Restylane is long and established, and it does not spread around, which is outstanding for a targeted treatment such as under the eyes.

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