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Cosmetic surgery is beginning to get more specialized and advanced. There are specialists for each area of the face, nose and eyes performing surgeries. Dr. Jennifer Hui, an oculoplastic surgeon takes her job of eyelid surgery a notch higher with individual care and professional attention.

Her visitors come from Palm Springs, Palm Desert and neighboring localities. Eyelid surgery is pretty much common these days and you look years younger after the surgery with absolutely no stitch marks. American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery reported that in 2013, over 161,000 eyelid surgeries were performed in the U.S.A.

Different kinds of eye procedures

An eye surgeon performs multiple procedures within eyelid surgery alone. Blepharoplasty, for instance is one such procedure distinguished by improved eyelid appearance that can be long lasting unlike facelift.

Double eyelid surgery, also known as cosmetic Asian eyelid surgery is designed to create crease in the eyelid of a person born without a crease as commonly found among some Asians. There are a number of other procedures that an oculoplastic surgeon performs. They can fix puffy eyes by removing the fat pads. In addition, there are procedures to fix the drooping eyelid and extra eyelid growths.

In other words, the different eye procedures have one thing in common. They fix your eyes and surrounding eye areas to give you a fresh and youthful look. Sclera is the part of the eye that is white in appearance in its youthful looks. The sclera can be made to look whiter with a procedure to remove pterygium and pinguecula. Yet another procedure is in existence for making sclera whiter that some surgeons have developed under different brand names.

What to share with your eye surgeon

The time to ask right questions when going for eyelid surgery is before the actual operation. When you speak to your eye surgeon, you will get the right and exact answers to clarify all your doubts. Some of the questions that a client may want answered are the possible risks associated with the procedure, the time taken in the recovery after the surgery, the cost of the procedure, the experience of the oculoplastic surgeon conducting the procedure for you in addition to several more questions.

According to experts, blepharoplasty in comparison to other cosmetic surgery procedures is less risky. However, the exact risks and their likely occurrence and how they are handled can be best understood when you speak to your eye surgeon. The recovery from cosmetic eye surgery can take up to two or three weeks, but your eye surgeon will let you know the exact recovery time in your case.

The average surgeon fee for the surgery is between $2700 and $3000. However, there are other associated costs including facility, anesthesia, prescriptions, tests and miscellaneous. The exact cost in your case can only be revealed by the eye surgeon working on your case.

The successful track record of Dr. Jennifer Hui in handling eye surgeries makes her immensely popular with he clients. The focus of eyelid surgery is to impart beauty, freshness and youthfulness to your personality because eyes are the first to reveal the process of aging. The procedure is relatively free of risks and minor cases of complications like bruising and swelling are easily handled by expert doctors. You may like to speak to your doctor with your queries on before and after surgery requirements, complications, risks and recovery.

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