shutterstock_113627236-e1579404386244In the human embryo, the eyes are formed by a complex and delicate process. Any complications in this process could lead to congenital (present at birth) eye abnormalities. These conditions are not too common, occurring in about five per 10,000 live births.

Congenital malformation of the eyes and the lids refers to any problem that develops in a fetus while it is there in the uterus. These complications can range from minor vision defects to serious deformities of the eyes or the structure surrounding the face, including missing or small eyeballs.

Congenital and developmental abnormalities of the eyelid are among the most challenging problems faced by the reconstructive surgeon. Abnormalities of the eyelid that are present in the children at birth are a result of abnormal embryogenesis (congenital) or they may take place at later stages as the child grows up (developmental).

These eyelid disorders include ectropion entropion, lid retraction, ptosis, epicanthal folds, colobomas, blepharophimosis, canthal dystopias and cryptophthalmos.

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Causes/Symptoms of Congenital Malformations of the Eyes and the Lids

The exact cause of several congenital malformations of the lids and eyes is unknown.  Studies have shown that there might be a genetic element to the disorders. At times, these abnormalities can run in families and may be passed along from parents to children.

There can be a wide variety of symptoms of congenital abnormalities of the lids and eyes, depending on the nature of the anomaly. In nearly all cases, however, they include some form of unusual appearance to the eye or the structure that surrounds it. The patients might also face problems with their vision.

The anomalies are usually identified during an eye examination. A patient may at times need further systemic tests, such as an MRI, CT scan or ultrasound.

Treatment of Developmental/Congenital Eye Abnormalities

The focus of the treatment is on maximizing visual potential of the patient with glasses and patching. Our ophthalmic surgeons treat the patients, for cataracts, glaucoma, or other related anomalies. Information access and genetic counseling is also available. You are treated totally as an outpatient and the frequency of your visit for treatment can vary from once a year to once every month.

Long-term Outlook for a Child

After the initial treatment, the parents will have a wider and much better understanding of the eye disease, related information and the possible genetic background. Parents will be explained in detail of the visual potential of their child, all the special educational placement requirements, the prognosis and/or progression of the disease in the long-term. In specific cases low vision aids may be essential for the patient.

Congenital Ptosis

In this eye abnormality, the upper eyelid of one or both eyes droops. If the eye lid covers the pupil, it can restrict your vision. The patient can develop torticollis if the head is tilted to maintain binocular vision. If a ptosis develops gradually or in the absence of a family history, a detailed examination and neurological check are essential.

In mild cases, vision checks should be made at regular intervals. Surgical rectification is available if vision is affected or an ocular torticollis is present. Outcomes of the surgical corrections are usually good.

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