Blepharoplasty (Eyelid Surgery) Before and After Photos

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Blepharoplasty or eyelid surgery is a procedure performed with an aim to remove the old or tired look from the eyes and restore a rejuvenated appearance. Dr. Jennifer Hui is an experienced and board certified oculoplastic surgeon providing this treatment to patients in Palm Springs, Palm Desert and surrounding communities. Dr. Hui spends time to educate the patient about various aspects of the surgery during initial consultation. She prefers to explain the procedure’s effectiveness with blepharoplasty before and after photos.

What are Blepharoplasty Before and After Images?

Before and after images in case of blepharoplasty refer to a set of pictures pertaining to an earlier patient who has received the treatment successfully. The set contains pictures taken prior to the surgery and after the surgery at a time when any bruising or swelling has subsided and full effects of the surgery are visible. These images are obtained discreetly and with the consent of the patient. The only purpose of using these images is to educate new patients about eyelid surgery procedure.


When a patient decides to visit the surgeon’s office for an eyelid rejuvenation consultation, they may not necessarily have a clear idea of how the surgery may help meet their aesthetic needs. Some patients may need upper blepharoplasty, while others may need lower blepharoplasty. In some cases, the surgeon may be able to achieve the patient’s aesthetic goals by combining blepharoplasty with other procedures such as a brow lift.

The surgeon can make use of blepharoplasty before and after photos as an effective visual tool to explain various treatment options and their potential benefits for a specific patient. As an experienced oculoplastic surgeon, Dr. Hui likes to ensure that her patients are able to make well-informed choices. Patients in Palm Springs, Palm Desert, and nearby areas may review before and after photos at Dr. Hui’s office during the initial consultation.

What Eyelid Surgery can or cannot Do

One of the key goals of an eye surgeon during the initial consultation with a patient is to ensure that the patient has realistic expectations from the procedure. Patients with a positive outlook, clear aesthetic goals and realistic expectations usually achieve the highest levels of satisfaction. Before and after photos can serve as an effective tool to ensure that the patient understands what the eyelid surgery can or cannot do for them.

In absence of these pictures, if the patient misunderstands the surgeon’s explanation and forms wrong expectations, it can result in disappointment in the end. It will not matter whether the procedure has been performed exactly as desired. The patient will continue to feel disappointed because of misplaced expectations.

Photos on the Website

Blepharoplasty ‘before and after’ photos can be uploaded on the website of the surgeon. This can provide free access to anyone who wishes to explore the possibility of an eyelid surgery. They can simply review the photos online within the privacy of their home or office, and then choose whether to visit the surgeon for a consultation.

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