aestheticASAPS’s Report Throws Light on Trends in Cosmetic Procedures

The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery recently collaborated with an independent research firm to put together a report on the the data for cosmetic procedures performed all the way from 1997 to 2014. Together, ASAPS and the research firm questioned about 23,000 board certified doctors over the internet to get accurate information about different cosmetic surgeries performed by them.

As per ASAPS’s report, among the most preferred cosmetic surgeries in 2014 were liposuction, breast augmentation, eyelid surgery, nose job and tummy tuck procedures. Skin care continued being a favorite among Americans in last year, with most of them looking for tighter, younger-looking skin. Botox, laser hair removal, microdermbrasion and chemical peels topped the list of non-surgical cosmetic treatments.

Understanding various cosmetics surgeries

As per Dr. Jennifer Hui, a board certified oculoplastic surgeon with clinics in Palm Desert and Palm Springs, cosmetic surgeries are a quick way for people to improve their appearance. She stresses on the importance of getting an aesthetic surgery done by a qualified and experienced professional to get the best results. Eyelid surgery, among the top five cosmetic procedures of 2014, helps in making the eye area look younger by surgically taking out saggy skin from the eyelids. It makes the eyes look fresh, thereby making the person look much younger.

Rise in non surgical cosmetic surgery

Botox is among the commonly and widely used cosmetic injection, which targets wrinkles and age lines on the skin. The effects of botox injections can last from about three to four months to up to an year. Botox works as a volumizer, instantly making the skin look tauter and younger. Laser hair removal offers permanent hair reduction and is mostly preferred by men and women to get rid of facial hair and hair on their arms, underarms and legs.

Microdermabrasion is a relatively new cosmetic skin improving technique. In this treatment, small but grainy crystals are used to clear the skin and make it look brighter. It is like an exfoliation treatment, but one that gives instant and lasting effects. It clears the old, dull layer of the skin thereby revealing the fresher, glowing one underneath.

If you want your eye area to stop giving away your age, you can opt for an eyelid surgery. If you live around Palm Desert or Palm Springs, you can consult Dr. Jennifer Hui to find out if you are fit enough to undergo the surgery. The surgery might take just a few hours and its recovery time is also comparatively lesser. You will be given anesthesia before the surgery, so you wot feel any pain or sensation while being operated. Your eye area may seem bruised or may swell up for a couple of days, but it can be taken care of by using a cold compress around eyes. After about seven to ten days of the surgery, you may be able to get back to work and return to your normal lifestyle.

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