botox-before-and-after-photoBotox is the most common non invasive procedure done by people all over the world. It is used to soften the lines around one’s eyes including crow’s feet and on the forehead and between ones eyebrows. It has become a popular method to get a youthful makeover. Yet, we have heard stories and seen pictures where it has gone horribly wrong for people, from over-arched eyebrows to droopy eyelids to a plastic sheen on the surface of the skin. All of it surely makes one question the people who are doing the procedure.

Recently a story by NBC addressed similar issues. It definitely cleared the air around what could be the main cause of such unpleasantness. The show raised some legitimate questions about the treatment and the caregivers. Shockingly many patients don’t know the qualifications that a doctor or a surgeon should possess to monitor the procedure. Patients also didn’t know how much experience a doctor should have before he or she can administer this procedure.

Most importantly many patients want to give the procedure a go without doing a thorough research on it because they hardly know anyone who hasn’t got it done. It can go as far as just asking their friend’s to recommend a doctor for Botox with a little bit research on the internet. They deem it as sufficient pre procedure preparation. However, unless you are a medical expert there is no way that you can tell an eye surgeon from an oculoplastic surgeon or vice versa.

Find out if your doctor is qualified or not

Any procedure where you face is involved should be taken seriously by you and the doctor involved. Botox reduces facial lines and makes skin look less tired. Botox tightens the skin so it can be used to fix droopy eyebrows as well. Sometimes people complain about a somewhat altered appearance post procedure and that is your first clue suggesting that your doctor may not have done this procedure for long or he may not have supporting credentials.

It is possible that a well qualified eye surgeon can produce similar results but it would be a rare case because most experienced practitioners know how important it is to get the procedure right every time because it is not just important to their brand value but also they care about patients and not treat them as money bags.

Credentials matter!

Dr. Jennifer Hui, a board certified oculoplastic surgeon who operates out of Palm Springs and Palm Desert is of the opinion that although Botox is a non-invasive procedure it doesn’t mean that it’s so easy that anyone with a weekend diploma can do it. She urges patients to do their homework before setting themselves for a procedure which if done rightly can be great else it can be a nightmare. She thinks that patients shouldn’t overlook the practical experience of a doctor in favour of degrees that he or she may possess.

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